Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holaaaaaaaaa! :D

Hola Bloggers! Wow...i feel like it's been forever since I've been on here....AYE! I've been so busy with kids and getting them to and from school and going to open houses and meeting's been so crazy because with four kiddos it seems like it's a dozen of teachers, and staff...and WHOA....I admit it's a lil overwhelming...and let's not forget the droppin and pickin up from three different schools this year...AYE most of my time I feel like I'm a TAXI CAB Driver now....LOL...I'm not complaing...ok...for those who know me well...I'm complaing a lil...but I should say I'm "VENTING"...hahahaha! My computadora is almost ready to be put up and start running...but with all of this running around now...will I have Tiempo for my computer......? (picture me singin).........."computer computer love....'member that slow jam? You 'MEMBER! :D Enough of me being a payasa...hee hee! I miss seeing everyone's creativity and creations...until next time! Peace Bloggers! :)


  1. Hola chica, I know exactly what you mean. I'm in the same boat but I only have two and I still feel like a taxi most days too. Have a great holiday and take cake. Hugs

  2. Well, it has been FOREVER, Linda!! You do sound crazy busy...and it's only just begun! That was a song to, I think! lol I love how you pop a Spanish word in here and there! It helps me re-learn my Spanish. I'm afraid "payasa" isn't a word I'm familiar with. Translation, please? Glad to hear your computere is almost ready! Thanks for popping in with another update! I hear really good Taxi drivers get good SMILE big and maybe bake some cookies! haha :o)

  3. Awww! Hi Ladies! Thanks always for stoppin by and visiting me... :) I know...It's only the begining and so lilttle time...soon I hope to be back on here more seguida....I miss being on here. :) Mucho Hugs Chicas!