Sunday, February 26, 2012

Learning A New Craft! :D

Hello Bloggers! Seems like I haven't been on here forever but, really it's only been about two weeks....LOL! I have become an official CROCHE-RRRR! :D I LOVE IT! I've always liked crocheting and the only real thing that I could do crocheting was make a long chain...I mean super long...after that, I was lost, confused...didn't get it! ETC. ETC. I know DRAMATIC...aren't I! LOL! A few years ago I tried to make a blanket for my son, and let's just say it looked like a DORITO Chip by the time I finished it!!!! Today I am soooooo super proud of myself that I've completed my first project, my NEOPOLITAN baby blanket, I was so craving some and that's what inspired me. The next one I started I was inspired of watermelon but...I couldn't find the right exact colors for watermelon and used these springy glad I did. If I say so myself it's coming out Great! It's so girly! This blanket I'm going to make to cover a single sized bed for my mama's, Juliza. Now I have DEMANDED orders that I need to make more for the rest of the kids. And in specific colors! YIKES what have I done!!!! LOL! Here are some pics that I wanted to share. As always thanks for stopping by! Peace! :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hola Bloggers! Bringing a new post here tonite....this mini came about from the squirrel image on the Cricut "Create A Critter" Cartridge. I Love that cartridge! And that image is so SUPER CUTE! The acorn is the image from the same cartridge, but I altered the top of it a little. And then "DINGY" me didn't see the cute scalloped top of the acorn and made mine worked for this mini so wasn't that unhappy with it. I really am pleased at how this mini came out. I especially Love the lil mini acorns....Aye sooooo flippin cute! :) The paper collection I used is from K&Co "Ka-Zoo" Collection, the colors in this collection are GREAT! Here are some pics of this mini. Hope Everyone's Valentine's Day is filled with Mucho! Mucho! AMOR! :D Peace!