Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hanging Out with my Bestie....

Susi that is in Bakersfield, CA.....I had the most wonderful time visiting my familia and taking a break away from the norm. If I had money, me would definitley move there....ahhhhh it was so relaxing. Me and Susi hung out all day Saturday and we had so much fun....we shopped, ate, drove around and I got to see where she worked and we went to one antique I have to go back so that we can visit the antique shops that were closed for the holiday. We also visited one scrapbook store there....OMG....It was a cute store with lots of product....aye....paper, embellishments, die cuts, sample layouts (that I took some pics of) I wish I could have stayed longer so we could've did a crop! AYE! :D Here are some pics I wanted to share....If God allows it I will be back soon....and the next time I go...definitley heading to the ocean!!!! Woot! Woot! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and taking a peek! Peace!

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  1. what was one of the best times ever! Thank you for making the time to hang out with me ami! It was so much fun! I promise that I will work on that vid and I hope is uploads if not I have to do it in sections! Anyway, it was amazing! Gracias for being una ami tan simpatica! TQM!!!!!!