Thursday, July 12, 2012


Blogadoras! :D Ok first....I'm Melting...melting...melting....LMBO...It is super hot here in AZ...but I LOVE it! So can't complain that much....I wanted to update you all who stop by to visit about a cool swap that I'm going to be in over at Kay's..., she is doing a REP Yo STATE JOURNAL SWAP.... so flippin awesome...OMG she is my partner and I sooooo can't wait to see what she comes up with...I've always wanted to see NY, and with this swap I will always have a lil piece of it with me forever! Ay...tear :') She also was a sweetie and dedicated the vid from Jay-Z & Alica Key's vid "Empire State of Mind"....Love that song...she brightned my day today with that song...Thank you so much chica, everytime I hear that song now, I will think of you! K, now I have a song for you, it's a lil slower but it's the pics that represent AZ... I'm originally from Michigan, and I LOVE it there...but I can honestly say now that AZ is where I call home. :) Hope you like it Kay...Big Hugs to you and can not wait to see New York!!!! :D Thanks for stoppin by...PEACE!


  1. Awwwwwww Thank you so much Girl!!! I'm excited we are partners! I have never been to Arizona either (I REALLY HATE HOT WEATHER LOL) but I have an old teacher who I absolutely love to peaces and she lives in Tucson, Az. One day I hope to visit her, we haven't seen one another (outside of FB pics) since I was about hmmmmmm 19 or 20! yeah longggg time LOL. Anyway, love the song it looks so beautiful and peaceful there, just breathtaking, I love waterfalls and streams I think they are amazing and soothing. Anyway enough of my rambling I will do my best to give you as much of NYC as I can! Thanks for joining my swap! Hugsssss

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    1. Hola! :) Gracias...bienvenidos!