Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hmmmmmm! I went to my dad's to see if I could use my web cam on his computer and guess what??? It wouldn't work!!!! :( Ugggggh! I got everyone's tags for the Greeting Farm Tag Swap...OMG! All the ladies did a SPECTACULAR Job!!! All the tags are just Adorable...wish I could do a vid!!! I have one more trick up my sleeve...I'm gonna see if I can use my mijo's laptop...since I'm here and his laptop is here...I'm gonna give it a whirl! LOL! But just in case any of the ladies see this post...I am sending out all the tags out manana...yiiiipppeee! You all will Love'em I just know it! I also wanted to give all you ladies a Big Big Gracias for the extra goodies that you sent all are just to sweet! I love everything! :) And I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Thanks you guys! :) Ok...heading to my mijo's room to see if I can do this...keep your fingers crossed! Have A Great Week Everyone! Peace! <3


  1. So excited Linda! Can't wait to see them, with the group you pulled together, I'm sure they are all amazing! Hugs&Kisses, Yvonne

  2. Well...did it work? How do I know? lol Yay for beautiful tags and lovely extra goodies! I bet they're even better than my imagination shows me! haha It's kind of hard blogging with no pictures, isn't it Linda? Good to hear from you!...Nancy :o)

  3. Hola Ladies!
    It's so nice to get message's thanks chica's! :) I know you gal's are in for a treat! :) I know don't know how much I want to do a vid or put up pics...Aye! Hope not much longer. YAY! :) Big Hugs Chicas! :)