Sunday, February 26, 2012

Learning A New Craft! :D

Hello Bloggers! Seems like I haven't been on here forever but, really it's only been about two weeks....LOL! I have become an official CROCHE-RRRR! :D I LOVE IT! I've always liked crocheting and the only real thing that I could do crocheting was make a long chain...I mean super long...after that, I was lost, confused...didn't get it! ETC. ETC. I know DRAMATIC...aren't I! LOL! A few years ago I tried to make a blanket for my son, and let's just say it looked like a DORITO Chip by the time I finished it!!!! Today I am soooooo super proud of myself that I've completed my first project, my NEOPOLITAN baby blanket, I was so craving some and that's what inspired me. The next one I started I was inspired of watermelon but...I couldn't find the right exact colors for watermelon and used these springy glad I did. If I say so myself it's coming out Great! It's so girly! This blanket I'm going to make to cover a single sized bed for my mama's, Juliza. Now I have DEMANDED orders that I need to make more for the rest of the kids. And in specific colors! YIKES what have I done!!!! LOL! Here are some pics that I wanted to share. As always thanks for stopping by! Peace! :D


  1. WOOHOO!! YAY for you, Linda! Your crocheting looks FABULOUS...and even a flower too? WOW!! lol Love the pretty colors you're using! There's no stopping you now! There's so many wonderful free patters to make ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!! I'd say you're HOOKED!! Yup that's a great PUN, isn't it? lol Have fun!...Nancy :O)

  2. OMG, I whole blanket, Linda. You go girl. That's Awesome. I'm only on flowers and hearts. One day I will make a blanket. Love love the colors. The Second looks so much like a watermelon. Keep going... Hugs, Friday

  3. Very nice, congratulations! I love the pink, green and white colored grannys.
    Would be nice if you showed us the finished product :)
    Found you through utube, now Im one of your followers here too. Love your things; don't know how you have time with 6 kids!!!!
    "Wonder Woman"!!! LOL
    When I saw the picture of you at the store looking at all those crafting things I thought: "she's one of mine" ;)
    Cariños desde Buenos Aires, amiga.