Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Got Me Another Award!!!!! YIIIPPPEEE!

Now I got this award last week from my Bestie Susi....soooo sorry amiga for gettin it up late but this one was a hard one for me...I have to pick some pals to share this with and I have to say 8 things about me....aye! aye! aye! Let's just say it took me a whole day to figure out what to tell you all about without further ado...(did I spell that right? here the 8 things about me...

1. I'm the oldest between my brother and I.

2. I LOVE the color BLUE.

3. I bet you all didn't think I loved paper crafting....huh? LOL!

4. My hubby calls me "gordita" and when he's mad at me "gorda"....he should talk! LOL!

5. I am the proud mama to 6 beautiful kids...even when they are driving me CRAZY! :)

6. I love different types of music...and if you have any request...just let me know!

7. Even though I am in my 40's {BARELY turned} I am so looking forward to being a Abuelita some day...I have dreams that I am going to be blessed with twin grand-babies...I know, WHAAAAT! What can I say...I'm a NUT! And I can tell you I love them with all of my heart already! aye!....KLEENEX!

8. WHEW! made it to the end...When I was 10yrs old, I got stuck in a tree for trying to look at a birds nest...I seen it alright...but then I had to wait over an hour for my dad to come home from work to get me down....OMG! THAT'S ME! :p

Thank you so much again Susi for such a cool award...I will wear it proudly...(my blog will) and me in my corazon! Aye...will you stop making me so emotional! LOL! So my next step to this award is sharing it with other friends....and here they are.

1.Pat {My 2nd MOM}...she doesn't have a blog, but we might work on that...hee hee, she is the kindest and sweetest person in the world... and she has took me under her wing and treat's me like I was her own, I love her with all of my heart and God has truly Blessed me with her in my life. I will and would be lost here on earth without her. I love you Pat! :)

2. Trish...she's doesn't have a blog up...yet!(I'll make her one day!)LOL!...but she's my bestie here at home...she is such a kind soul, easy listener, and is always there for me...I love her with all of my heart and she is like a sister that I never had...we always have fun together and she will forever be in my family...I love you Trish! :p

3. Timmi aka TCahal...OMG! Timmi is just the funniest girl...she has a great sense of humor and she always makes me laugh when we hang out! I met her on YT and our friendship bloomed from there...we are now PEAS & CARROTS and when we are together we cause trouble...LOL J/K...but I think we almost got kicked out of Chili's once!!!! hahahahaha! Love you Timmi!

4. Tereese aka Friday...from the very first time I started youtube she has been so ever kind to me...her comments, showing her support, being there to talk to, and I loved our swap with eachother...she is such a kind soul and I'm so glad that she is my friend! :)

5. Sherry aka Cricket's Daughter...she's a new friend...and let me tell you her down to earth spirit is just radiant and contagious...she's an Awesome listener and easy person to talk with. I look so forward to the future for a wonderful friendship with her! :)

6. Tori aka Toriscraftycreations...she's such a great gal...very nice and easy to get along with, and also very giving and caring. She's been very supportive of me in my work and I am blessed to call her my friend. :)

7. Susi aka Sillyshysushi...Susi and I are so much's scary sometimes...huh Susi? she's like a sister that I never had and her caring and loving spirit about her will forever be in my heart! SUSI...didn't I tell you...stop making me CRY! yes I'm typing this all teary eyed now, AYE!...I can't SEE! LMAO! I've told her we were cut from the same cloth and I am truly blessed with her friendship....ok I'm gonna stop now before I choke up and then I can't BRIEF! LOL....TQM Susi!

All of you ladies that I mentioned mean the world to me and I have been Truly Blessed by the man upstairs with each of your friendships. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)
Thanks everyone who stops by for visiting...and Happy Bloggin to you! :)


  1. As you are reading this to me I'm crying and laughing at the same time! Aye, you are the best and have the greatest heart ever! You are an amazing friend and TQM! You are one of my besties and a sister I have never had. Aye! I can't brief! LOL!

  2. Ms. Linda this is very nice I read it to my mom and she loves it :) I do too you are so nice. Ok one question to you can I still participate in your blog hop? I would love it to make something easter. Please can u let my mom know thank you so much love Nataleigh

  3. Hi Nataleigh! Are you kiddin...I would love you to participate in the blog hop...that would be Awesome baby chica...aye...that's my nick-name for chica...too cute...LOL...I will let all the ladies know and I know that they will be thrilled with you participating. I'm so excited baby chica! LOL...Hugs!Tell your mama I said for sure and that I will call her soon! Bye for now baby chica! :)

  4. Awwww, linda!! You are such a sweet and kind person and you are the very one who helped me start making videos and I thank you girlfriend. Your friendship means the world to me too and I hope it never ends. It seems so long ago when I first started doing videos. Crazines. Congrats on your award and you so totally ROCK... Love ya, Huge hugs, Friday

  5. Hi there! I am your newest follower! If you wanted to come see me, I'm at :)

  6. Awww Linda!!!! Thank you so much sweet heart!!! I am honored with this award and I am honored to call you my friend! I love you girl!!
    Big Hugs