Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank You Mucho! :)

Hi Everyone! Wanted to write a lil note letting you all know how thankful I am for all of your wonderful comments. It was such a pleasure reading all of your comments...Please don't forget to stop by on Monday (Valentine's Day) where I will announce the winner to my giveaway! :) This blog hop was so much fun....and coming up in March...March 12th do be exact, I will be hosting my own, very first, blog make sure to stay tuned...I will be posting the details and reminders closer the event...I can tell you all that it will be a Easter/Springtime look out for it because I have a group of TALENTED ladies on board...I'm so excited...I can hardly wait. I will close my giveaway for the Valentine Blog Hop today at six...if you missed out on the hop you scroll down a little to see the project and enter. Clikcing on the pics of the projects will let you see them a lil more closer. And please remember to be entered for the must leave a comment, and also be a follower. See you soon my Scrappy Amigas! :)


  1. Aww! How purdy! Yes, very fun and I can't wait for you blog hop! Booyaaaa! How exciting!!!!! k, I tol you to randomize! RANDOMIZE woman! K, that just tells you that I'm obsessed with your sad! Hahahaha

  2. I'm with Susie here we need Linda's blog obsession therapy lol ;)

    Can't wait for the hoppy do da hop :) yay so excited I think I kinda have an idea of what I'm making ;) aver q onda hee hee!!!!!

    Happy <3 day my beautiful ami :) hope ur day is lovely and are much loved ;) we are about to go eat some yummy sea food asi q hasta luego un abrazote bechotes Alee'

  3. Just found your blog and You Tube channel! thanks for all the inspiration...following you now :-)