Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sneek Peeks! :D

Hola Everyone! Whew I've been busy making these cute lil projects...and cute they are...I am so loving how they are coming out. I only have a couple of pics to share with you all and hopefully will be trying to get done with a thrid. I've been so inspired by Gingerbread men, houses...anything that has to do with that tasty lil cookie! :) And I've also been inspired by freezing my buns putting the one scene together that I did made me feel all warm and least for the time I was creating it. lol Going to clean my area to start on the third...hope you all like the pics that I've posted. Hasta Pronto! :D And hope you all are keeping warm and creating mucho! Peace!


  1. OMG, I cant wait for the reveal. I know it's going to be Amazing like everything you make. TFS... Hugs!

  2. Aye...why you taunt us! LOL! They are super cute and a very original idea! I can honestly that you are the first i have ever seen make these this way! So which one is mine? LOL! Great job ami!