Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crocheting Away......

Good Day Everyone! :)  Here with another post today and I'm so super excited on this one too....I've been crocheting alot...I mean...alot! alot! LOL...Somewhere between now and a couple of weeks ago...I've seriously got bitten by a "Coaster Bug"......COASTERS! COASTERS! COASTERS! Is all I can think about these days lately...I have like tons of ideas of different kinds of sets that I would like to make. I've also been looking at patterns for baby items, like beanies, booties, and I would so like to get back into making blankets. OMG you guys should see all the yarn I have now...and when I start working on a project why is it that the color I need is a color that I do not have???? LOL...I am so loving making these coaster sets, it gives me such a natural high and it RELAXES me so much. I can sit for hours on my bed and crochet away. It sorta feels like  I'm meditating, I can feel myself get lost in the chains that I'm stitching, waiting for the end result and watching my project come to life. And then I think to did pretty good kid! :) So here are a couple of sets that I made that I wanted to share, I am also selling them as well. I've done some research on these coasters and you wouldn't believe how big "Coasters" are out there. I have decided to make my sets with six coasters, the norm is four, but I thought to myself that's not ENOUGH! LOL. And the prices are up there too, I've seen as much as $40 for a set of four. So my prices are alot lower than $40, they are $15 per set, plus shipping and handling, which is $3.50, I also and always put a tracking number with my items, just to make sure in gets to you and that I know it was sent. Here are some pics for you all to see...I absolutely love how these came out, and hope that you will like them too! If you are interested please contact me at, you can also find me on Facebook and leave me a private message there, Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time...ADIOS! :)  

                                                           Toast with a Lil Pat of Butter

                                                                  Flip Flop with Flower                      

                                                                    Flip Flop with Flower

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