Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Back To Crafting...

WHOA! It's been so looooong since I've posted here on my blog...but that will soon be changing. It's true I've been MIA for a while and now I'm back to get my crafty side flowing's been too long! I have some projects that I've done over the months which I will add here and on my Facebook page, not to mention to getting back on YouTube...woot! woot! I recently did a project for my bestie, Susi aka: Sillyshysushi and I'm a DT member on her blog where you can find here, here is my first project that I did of one of her Awesome images....she has so much tatlent my hermana I wish I had her brain. Her images are all super Adorable!
This is Susi's Frida 1, I used a canvas for this project, gelatos, stamps, stickles, and my own hand-drawn skulls. The quote is by Frida Kahlo, which was soooo perfect for this image. I'm so super excited to be apart of something again, and having so much fun creating. Keep a look out for my other projects, while I was gone I kept busy with mini's, and crocheting...Thanks for stoping by and until next time Adios for now! :)


  1.'s a canvas instead of a card! That makes it even better!
    WOOHOO for a new post! Can't wait to see more! :o)

  2. Aye ami! =') you are the sweetest! I wish i had your brain! What you talking about?! I absolutely love your project! And Nancy hit the head on the nail! I love the canvas! So out of the box! Wub you tons!